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Welcome to Cruising Calypso


Welcome to Cruising Calypso


This is the first post of the Cruising Calypso Blog. The goal is to post updates to our adventures on our boat Calypso. Also, from time to time we will post other content on boating, boat cruising and boats in general. We are passionate about boating and look forward to the boating season each year. This blog will complement our YouTube channel and Instagram site and other social media accounts to provide different ways for you to follow along.

As a lifelong boater we thought we knew what owning a boat on the ocean and cruising was all about. We had a lot to learn. Due to the generosity of the boating community with sharing their information and knowledge, we have survived the last six years of cruising with only a few minor mishaps. We have had great fun in the process. As a result, we have gained a lot of know-how by making mistakes, asking others and fixing what we did wrong.

We love sharing and talking to other boaters, hearing your stories, and contributing to the wonderful boating community. Please comment or ask questions below. See you next time.

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